"Tidal Wave" Album Review in the Atlantic Current Magazine By Dana Krangel

The Atlantic Current magazine writer Dana Krangel review of “Tidal Wave”

"Let's be real, there is no shortage of reggae bands making the rounds in South Florida. So what makes Bushwood stand out from the rest? They are polished. Their live show is on point, and now their recordings match up. Tidal Wave, the bands second release, oozes breezy jams worthy of a hang out sesh. The title track showcases their recipe for two parts reggae, one part funk and when that sax comes in, you can't help but jam out. Other tracks like "Top of the Line" and "I Don't Want My MTV" give off a clear message that Bushwood likes to party but puts happiness first. With great vibes  and chilled out lyrics like 'We need to make a change, our culture needs to rearrange / Get it back to where it used to be, supporting positivity' it's obvious that Bushwood is a band with a message, and that message is to have a good time."