Reggae Rock Blog: Bushwood: Bushwood Album Review

Hailing from Fort Lauderdale Florida, Bushwood is an up-and-coming band that mixes traditional reggae vibes with their own funk and rock style. Guitarist and vocalist Steve Voronkov, bassist and vocalist Adam Moskowitz, and drummer Jon Cross released their self-titled debut album, Bushwood, back in April of 2011. This album displays the band’s originality, blending reggae, funk, and rock into one cohesive style.

The album kicks off with “Red and White,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album. Right off the bat, you are hit with an energetic drum beat and hot guitar licks that don’t ever let up. Next comes a reggae song with a great build-up into an amazing solo, “By the Water.” This love song about wanting to be with a girl down by the water also has a very laid back and summer vibe to it. Another song off ofBushwood that without a doubt captures the carefree mood of summer is “Drop the Anchor.” The presence of an acoustic guitar is calming, the chorus about the beach and friends is very catchy, and of course some amazing guitar solos makes this one of the best songs on the album.

Another high point on Bushwood’s debut album is “In Control.” This song starts off with some funky guitar chords, calms down into a very simple, yet catchy reggae tune, and finishes by matching the energy of the beginning of the song. In addition, the snare drum is brought in perfectly in time with a beautiful guitar solo which will get your head bouncing. Bushwood then calms down a bit and shows how reggae can express a wide range of emotions and feelings with their song “Ramblin’ Soul.” The emotion-filled vocals, soothing guitar riffs, and arrangement of the song create a very calm and somber mood.

After showing off their emotional side, Bushwood kicks the energy back up and close out the album with their lighthearted funky reggae instrumental “Flomanja,” which captures every style that they play. It starts off with a bouncy reggae beat that merges into funk flawlessly, slows down with some groovin’ reggae chords, and finishes off with rock n‘ roll solos and drums.

With reggae, rock, and funk so seamlessly intertwined, Bushwood’s debut album leaves high expectations for the future. It shows that each member of the band is full of talent and it presents a niche sound for these Fort Lauderdale boys. Having already written some very catchy tunes, I look forward to watching Bushwood’s bright future unfold.