TheDubside: Bushwood ‘Tidal Wave’ Album Review

Posted by TheDubSide - June 18, 2013 - Album Reviews

As the sun slowly sets on the beaches of south Florida the sound of a distorted guitar, rhythmic bass, crisp vocals, and smooth horns can be heard in the distance. As sun kissed music lovers make their way towards the siren-like enchantment the origin of such musical magic is discovered. It’s Florida based reggae band Bushwood, ripping songs from their new ten-track album Tidal Wave, which is slated for full release this Saturday June 22nd.

Bushwood brings a pleasantly unfamiliar vibe to the south Florida reggae scene, combining elements of funk, dub, rock and reggae. Bushwood recently added members to the group including Carl Dykes on sax and percussion from Eric Schechter to go along with Steven Ross Voronkov on vocals, Adam Moskowitz on bass, Jon Cross on drums , and Claudio Napoles on keys.

Tidal Wave is the follow up to their self-titled album released in April of 2011. That album was featured in TheDubSide’s Best of 2011 as one of the top ten reggae rock albums of the yearTidal Wave starts fast with “Let It Flow”, a song sure to make you bob your head and sing along. This is followed by the title track “Tidal Wave”, a quick moving track meant to be played in front of a crowded dance floor – a summer banger for sure.

Out of the first five tracks our favorite is “Live Up”, the third track of the ten track album. “Live Up” is a more classic style reggae-rock jam, perfect for partaking in your favorite libation on the deck with the best of friends. After listening you may believe you have a small sunburn, but that’s just the warm feeling of happiness flowing through your body.

The second half of the album is where Bushwood really pushes themselves to new heights. Tracks like “Hold On” and “Top Of The Line” are sure to be fan favorites. If you hear “Top Of The Line” and wonder why you’ve heard it before, you may remember a 420 version of the song released previously. We absolutely loved it then, and we love it now. It’s TheDubSide’s overall favorite track of the album and one sure to be put on repeat.

Overall, Bushwood present fans with a much more refined sound on their second album. Which is to expected given the band only released their first full length album a little over two years ago. This time around the band obtained the services of Lucio Rubio of FIsh Tank Studio in St. Augustine along with Maria Rice of Peerless Mastering in Boston, MA (John Brown’s Body, Easy Star All Stars). Lucio Rubio was even able to squeeze his way into the album providing additional vocals on “Let It Flow” and “Top Of The Line”. Is it sheer coincidence these are two of the favorite tracks on the album? We think not.

With the addition of sax and additional percussion Tidal Wave is an album to be cherished not only by reggae fans, but the band itself. There is a reason Bushwood was considered one of the Top Ten Albums of 2011. With Title Wave they’re well on their way to making that list once again.

Tidal Wave releases this Saturday June 22 in all major outlets. You can listen and pre-order the album via Bandcamp below or pick up your copy at Bushwood’s album release party this Saturday at ArtsPark Amphitheater in Hollywood, Florida, beginning at 8PM!

You can also pre-order the album via Bandcamp or at Bushwood’s website at