Bushwood (Self Titled) [2011]


Digital Purchase Link: http://bushwood.bandcamp.com/album/bushwood

Thank you for checking out our debut album! We want to thank YOU from the bottom of our hearts for having this album in your hands. We truly know that without you, we would be nothing, and this album would not have ever happened. First and foremost, we want to thank our parents and families for their undying support in all of our endeavors. We love you very much, and your encouragement is unmatched. To our best friends that have seen us grow as a band, you know who you are, and we love you with everything we got. You truly are what keeps us going. We have and will continue to have the most amazing times together. We joke around about it, but you are all a part of the BUSHWOOD family band, and its growing all the time. We also want to thank all of our previous music projects for the incredible experiences and for getting us where we are today. These projects shaped us as both men and musicians, so huge shout outs to Break 27, Skwint, Aurora, & A Daylight Away! Finally, this album could not have been possible without the help of our friends. The album was recorded by audio engineer Richard Salino of Contrast Recording Studio, and mixed & mastered by Eric “Dirty” Kaufman & Lucio Rubino of The Fish Tank Studios! And the awesome art work provided by Adam Forero! THANK YOU AND ENJOY!!!

Peace. Love. Reggae.


Steven Ross Voronkov on Guitar and Vocals
Adam Moskowitz on Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals
Jon Cross on Drums and Percussion


released 20 April 2011 
Guitar & Vocals: Steven Voronkov
Bass & Vocals: Adam Moskowitz
Drums: Jon Cross