Statement from BUSHWOOD bassist/bandleader Adam Moskowitz:

It’s the end of an era! Bushwood is officially on ‘indefinite hiatus’ as of yesterday. It’s an interesting and unique feeling being part of band, and it’s especially strange as you feel the unit dissipating over time like sand through your fingers. I saw the writing on the wall long ago, and I can happily relinquish this musical chapter knowing I played my heart out at every show, and grew immensely through the 9 years since Steve called me up and asked if I still played bass and maybe wanted to join the band.

Ultimately, I believe that on every level you’re either growing or you’re dying. We reached some incredible peaks with the Bushwood crew like opening for Rebelution, Matisyahu, Reel Big Fish, Badfish, Katchafire, Passafire, Inner Circle, Zach Deputy, & making it onto Deco Drive and into the local newspapers. We played venues I grew up dreaming about like Revolution Live & the Culture Room. We entered the recording studio multiple times and we poured ourselves into our tracks, captured on our self-titled album, Tidal Wave, and the Unchained EP. I humbly feel like we achieved a level of ‘local rock stars’ and I’m immensely proud of our output. Making videos for the band is how I originally got into editing, and now I’ve since branched off into a successful video business doing weddings & other bands live music, editing commercials, etc.

Being a musician requires a dedication to the craft, mostly for the joy of doing it. I LOVE playing music – I have since I first picked up a bass guitar at 15 years old – and I always will as long as this brain thinks & these hands function - I love every aspect of cultivating the magic that is creating vibrations – from practicing my instruments, to writing, to rehearsing, to anticipating the gig, to rocking out on stage – and it’s fair to say that although we gave everything at every concert we played, over the last couple of years, the band had reached a state of stagnancy. The puzzle pieces that were Bushwood at its best just stopped fitting together. Our gigs became more spread out, our collective rehearsing non-existent. Essentially, we stopped growing as a unit, and that’s why we’re here closing the door on it. It’s bittersweet for sure, but as we all know, when one door closes, an infinite amount open - and for that I’m excited.

That all being said, I’d like to take this space to express my extreme gratitude to every musician who ever performed under the Bushwood umbrella. Additionally, to all those who followed our journey, attended concerts, purchased CDs & t-shirts, and generally supported our dream, a profound THANK YOU. Language fails to express how much fun I’ve had sharing in the groove.

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