Statement from BUSHWOOD bassist/bandleader Adam Moskowitz:

It’s the end of an era! Bushwood is officially on ‘indefinite hiatus’ as of yesterday. It’s an interesting and unique feeling being part of band, and it’s especially strange as you feel the unit dissipating over time like sand through your fingers. I saw the writing on the wall long ago, and I can happily relinquish this musical chapter knowing I played my heart out at every show, and grew immensely through the 9 years since Steve called me up and asked if I still played bass and maybe wanted to join the band.

Ultimately, I believe that on every level you’re either growing or you’re dying. We reached some incredible peaks with the Bushwood crew like opening for Rebelution, Matisyahu, Reel Big Fish, Badfish, Katchafire, Passafire, Inner Circle, Zach Deputy, & making it onto Deco Drive and into the local newspapers. We played venues I grew up dreaming about like Revolution Live & the Culture Room. We entered the recording studio multiple times and we poured ourselves into our tracks, captured on our self-titled album, Tidal Wave, and the Unchained EP. I humbly feel like we achieved a level of ‘local rock stars’ and I’m immensely proud of our output. Making videos for the band is how I originally got into editing, and now I’ve since branched off into a successful video business doing weddings & other bands live music, editing commercials, etc.

Being a musician requires a dedication to the craft, mostly for the joy of doing it. I LOVE playing music – I have since I first picked up a bass guitar at 15 years old – and I always will as long as this brain thinks & these hands function - I love every aspect of cultivating the magic that is creating vibrations – from practicing my instruments, to writing, to rehearsing, to anticipating the gig, to rocking out on stage – and it’s fair to say that although we gave everything at every concert we played, over the last couple of years, the band had reached a state of stagnancy. The puzzle pieces that were Bushwood at its best just stopped fitting together. Our gigs became more spread out, our collective rehearsing non-existent. Essentially, we stopped growing as a unit, and that’s why we’re here closing the door on it. It’s bittersweet for sure, but as we all know, when one door closes, an infinite amount open - and for that I’m excited.

That all being said, I’d like to take this space to express my extreme gratitude to every musician who ever performed under the Bushwood umbrella. Additionally, to all those who followed our journey, attended concerts, purchased CDs & t-shirts, and generally supported our dream, a profound THANK YOU. Language fails to express how much fun I’ve had sharing in the groove.

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Statement from BUSHWOOD lead singer/guitarist/founder Steve Voronkov:

"Sometimes you have to draw a line in sand. This is an emotional and hard one for me to post but here it goes...
After 10 incredible years with my band BUSHWOOD. I have decided its time to take a hiatus. For the past couple years  my focus has completely shifted to my Real Estate career, and I just want to concentrate on my family and my career.

Don’t get me wrong, I played music for a living for almost a decade, and have had some of the best memories of my life. Now I am selling homes, and playing select corporate solo events only. To Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort and, Ron Green you have given us the opportunity of a lifetime, and meeting my hero Jimmy Buffett was a memory this South Florida boy will always cherish.

I want to thank all my previous bandmate/brothers Adam Moskowitz Adam Buckley Alexander Blake Coombs Jon Cross  Diego Godoy  Carl Dykes and many more. Please continue to follow our separate journeys, and Thank You so much to the amazing people that have supported us along the way from the beginning.

Bushwood might return to the stage one day, until then 👉🏻 One Love, and Fins Up! ❤️🌅🌴🏡🎸 #RockinRealtor "

2015... What A Year!

Before we get into recap mode, we first want to thank you for being a fan of our band, and invite you out to Margaritaville Hollywood Beach THIS SATURDAY 12/26 for the FINAL BUSHWOOD SHOW OF THE YEAR! We play 7-9pm as always, and its absolutely FREE to the public right on the the beautiful Broadwalk just next to Jimmy Buffett's latest paradise-like establishment. Come party with us and let's close out this year and celebrate the holidaze properly!

Mville for email.png

Now as we reflect back on 2015, it's been quite an epic year for us! Right off the bat, we released the Unchained EP! Tracks include "Unchained", "Hey Girl", and then the bonus track is the 1st ever ShwoodCast with Bass Player Adam Moskowitz interviewing Lead Singer & Guitarist Steven Ross Voronkov! Give a listen here (with visual accompaniment) if you haven't heard it yet!

Opening for Rebelution at the Delray Garlic Fest in February was a highlight of life for us, let alone the year. A beautiful experience getting to play a great stage for an awesome crowd. Check out self-produced multicam HD video footage here

We also had the pleasure and honor of not only opening for Matisyahu on Miami Beach, but upon hearing us during our sound-check, he asked us if we would be his backing band for the encore of his performance! Of course we said yes! And you can relive that or check it out for the 1st time here. It was awesome.

As you also know, we have established ourselves as a regular band at the brand new beautiful Margaritaville on Hollywood Beach, and we plan to continue to play the Bandshell regularly in 2016, so definitely look for us there! We had the honor of meeting Mr. Buffett briefly, and hope to expand on that relationship in the future, so stay tuned for updates on that.

Some other notable events of 2015 were playing the VIP side stage at the West Palm Beach Amphitheater (now called Perfect Vodka Amphitheater) for both the ZZ Top/Jeff Beck tour, as well as the Zac Brown Band tour. Both really cool and inspiring experiences. We hope to one day play that main stage! 

We also played twice with our good friends, and fellow south Florida reggae pioneers Spred the Dub, both at their album release party at the Funky Biscuit and at the Culture Room opening for Inner Circle (known for their hits Bad Boys [Cops theme song] & Sweat). 

Lastly, we consider each concert we play a seed, and this past year we planted many, including our first legit out-of-town festival performance in Tampa at the Smoke On The River Fest, hopefully the 1st of many more opportunities to come.

As always, if you have any feedback at all, any tips, any ideas for us, show opportunities, private parties, anything, please feel free to share them to as we'd love to hear from you. Wishing you a very happy holidaze from the bottom of our hearts, and let's all welcome in a beautiful 2016! Cheers! And thank you Music!





Tis The Season: Nov/Dec 2015 Shwood Letter

November/December Update!

The holiday season is soon arriving, and we want to acknowledge something we are truly thankful for... YOU. If you're reading this right now, you have helped support this band in some way or another, which has allowed us to continue to live out our dream, and for that we are eternally grateful. Thank you for allowing us to share our vibrations with you. 

That being said, check out this show schedule for Nov/Dec!

We'll be regulars at the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort Bandshell, including TOMORROW NIGHT 11/6, 7-9pm! Also with a couple festivals (see below) and new venues (like Square Grouper in Jupiter THIS SATURDAY 11/7) scattered in!

Please come out when we are in your area, and bring your friends!
We appreciate it more than you know! 


If you live in or near Tampa or Islamorada, make sure to attend the AWESOME festivals we are playing - Smoke on the River in Tampa (with FREE entry!) and the 1st ever Stone Crab Jam Festival to be held at the Islamorada Fish Co. down in the Keys! We could not be more excited to share our music over this next 2 months of shows, and we are definitely ending the year strong, and will continue that momentum into 2016, when we are planning to get back into the studio, and deliver some of these fresh jams directly to your earholes.

Much love!


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Twitter: (@BushwoodBand) 


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 This is the Bushwood e-mail list - we will not spam you and we won't invade your privacy - just a couple of updates here and there about big news with the band! Thank you very much for your support & love.

Update: Margaritaville 10/9 7-9pm!!!


We’re ecstatic to share that we’ve been selected by Jimmy Buffett’s brand new Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort to be in their regular rotation of live entertainment! We auditioned back in June, and after months of waiting for the official opening date, we’re proud to say we were the 1st original band to play at the new venue! We also are extremely excited to announce and invite you to see us debut at the outside Bandshell venue, also known at the Hollywood Beach Theatre (where Johnson St. hits the Broadwalk) THIS FRIDAY 10/9, where we’ll be jamming 7-9pm! Please join us and bring your friends J FYI: We confirmed that chairs and coolers are more than welcome, and they also provide bench seating and outside bathrooms.

Upcoming Shows:
Oct 9, 2015 7-9 PM - BUSHWOOD @ Margaritaville Hollywood Beach BandShell!!
Oct 17, 2015 7-10 PM - BUSHWOOD Debut @ Terra Fermata in Stuart!!!
Nov 7, 2015 8-11 PM - BUSHWOOD Debut @ Square Grouper!
Nov 8, 2015 5-9 PM – BUSHWOOD Private Party (Hire us for YOURS @
Nov 14, 2015 5-9 PM – BUSHWOOD @ Smoke On The River Festival Tampa, FL!
Nov 15, 2015 6-11 PM – BUSHWOOD Live @ Mazda VIP Side Stage for Zac Brown Band Concert at Perfect Vodka Amphitheater (West Palm)!

NEW MUSIC: Unchained!!! + Shows w Inner Circle, Rebelution & Matisyahu!


We also have three killer shows coming up: 2/4 @ Culture Room w Inner Circle2/6 @ Garlic Fest w Rebelution, and 2/15 @ Sole w Matisyahu!

Presenting: "Unchained" 

Brand New Bushwood Music For Your Ears!

We did it! A few months ago when we found out that we'd be opening up for Rebelutionat the Delray Beach Garlic Fest (next Friday 2/6, we play 6-7:30pm), we had a band meeting and decided to make it a goal to record new music to release before that show. So we took the necessary steps, picked songs we felt were ready for the recording studio, and contacted Andrew "Drew Keys" Stoch at Haze St. Studios in Hollywood, Florida, to record & mix our music. We went into the studio on December 11th to begin laying down the tracks, and are very proud to present the 1st one to you now.

You can get the individual track "Unchained" for $1 here

Next Wednesday 2/4 @ Noon, we will release the 2nd track, entitled "Hey Girl".

For some background, "Unchained" is a track that was written after being inspired by the movie 'Django Unchained'. Sitting in our living room, we really connected with the love story that was portrayed in the film, and as an exercise in song-writing, we decided to craft a song loosely based on the epic adventure we had just witnessed on screen. Songs come together in an infinite amount of ways, but this was the genesis of our latest track, and we are ecstatic to share it. We feel it really represents where we are as a band and captures our original style we call #FunkyReggae.

As always, the music will be available anywhere music is found, but we'd appreciate it very much if you are interesting in supporting our art and sending us some green energy, that you get your copy either directly through our Website Store, or viaBandCamp. On both sites we get the highest percentage back, and you can either get aDigital Download or Physical CD. Physical CDs will also be available at all upcoming live performances

If you enjoy what we do, please pass it around! You can help us out by sharing on your Facebook page, Tweeting about it, Instagram a picture of your copy, or just post a picture or video of us at a live show - anything and everything you can do to help us raise awareness about our music, we'd appreciate very much.  Thank you and we love you!

Peace & Love!
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Twitter: (@BushwoodBand)